One size fits all – or else

6 Jan

Note of a conversation earlier today:

Me – ooh, the [UK Parliament’s] Joint Committee on Human Rights issued a report on the new Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill.

Friend – Anti-Social Policing? That’s surely not a good idea?

Me – No, there’s a comma after the crime. The Bill deals with anti-social behaviour, other crime, and police powers, all lumped into one.

Friend – What’s anti-social behaviour? Isn’t that just individualism?

What more can you say about the the current social and political climate in UK? One size fits all – or else.

If you’re interested in the Committee’s recommendations, you can find them here. They include quite reasonable ideas of having independent review and scrutiny of the exercise of police powers. Impressive that this still needs pointing out even today.


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