A Tale of Parliamentary Burlesque. Act.I- Meet Marcos Feliciano

26 Mar

Marcos Feliciano is the Presidential Pastor of an evangelical church called Assembléia de Deus – Catedral do Avivamento. He is also a federal congressman of PSC – the Social Christian Party. Furthermore, he was blessed by God with unbeatable beauty and style.

Don’t you girls (and naughty boys) even salivate, for he is a married man.

The political views of Marcos Feliciano are also sound and clear. He is an objective, prosperous man, who is not afraid to speak his mind. About same sex marriage he has said that it brings hate, crime and rejection. About black persons, he has said that africans are the descendents of a cursed member of Noah’s family, this being the explanation for the paganism, occultism, misery and diseases like ebola in Africa. About women’s rights, he has said that when you encourage women to have the same rights as men, they want to work and hence their maternal side is nullified.

In his political life, Marcos Feliciano faces many challenges: currently, he is the defendant in two cases pending before the Brazilian Supreme Court: one for inciting discrimination and prejudice and another for embezzlement. These little obstacles, however, are not strong enough to hold him down and he has recently been elected president of the Brazilian Federal Congress´ Human Rights Commission (CDH).

Traditionally, the Human Rights Commission has been presided over by the Labour Party – PT. This time, however, the Labour Party did not consider it a priority. It preferred to preside over other commissions. Therefore, as a result of a very complex parliamentary game (God’s will, for certain), the presidency of the Human Rights Commission was to be held by a member of the PSC.

The fact alone that the HDC was going to presided by the PSC caused outrage among the pagans, who knew that the HDC was no longer going to be ruled by the gay-women-and-black-alliance. Indeed, at the election day, several congresspersons left the commission’s venue, saying they were protesting. That very blessed day, in a closed session, Marcos Feliciano was democratically elected by 11 votes and 1 abstention. No vote against!

If you want to know more about Marcos Feliciano and his church, visit http://www.catedraldoavivamento.com.br/site/  The website is in portuguese, but you can certainly use google translator to find out more about him. Also, if you have a church already (I mean, if you OWN a church) you can affiliate it to Catedral do Avivamento. Just fill this form: http://form.jotformpro.com/form/22714443500948

Last, but not least, if you want to contribute financially to his church, It accepts that you send them your credit card, but, as Pastor Marcos Feliciano famously said (the recording is all over youtube): “It is the last time that I speak: Samuel de Souza gave his credit card, but didn’t gave his password. That’s not worth. When he ask for God’s miracle, God will not give it to him and he will say that God is bad.”

Oh, Glory. Praise the Lord!

To be continued.


One Response to “A Tale of Parliamentary Burlesque. Act.I- Meet Marcos Feliciano”

  1. Mahareth March 26, 2013 at 8:56 am #

    The lord speaks in a very fuzzy way.

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