Olympic games and sexual repression in Brazil

13 Aug
Watching the Olympics and reading the comments about it in the online newspapers, Facebook and Twitter can be a weirdly revealing experience.
After a Brazilian victory in any sport (specially after a tough match), it has grown increasingly common for people to tell the loser to “suck it” (“chupa” in portuguese) in an angry, punishing tone. Although there is nothing new about it (people have told losers to “suck it” for a long time), it was something you would not say it in front of everybody here. Now it actually became quite trendy in this BRIC of a country.
I wonder why. Are people more open to talk about their sexual desires in front of everybody? Definitely, yes. Is it easier to spread ignorance nowadays? Another resounding yes. But this does not prevent me to question: do people really hate to suck it so much that they want to impose this punishment on the losing Olympians? NO!
Truth is, many people like to suck. (And yes, we are talking about penises here. It’s never about lollipops and you know it.) The simple fact is that most people actually like (or loooove) to be involved in the penis sucking practice.
So, why are the Brazilians growing so fond on telling the losers to suck their penises? Pure and unconscious (or conscious) prejudice. That’s because, even if most people practice oral sex, the ones who actually suck penises are women and gay men. So, when Brazilians tell the losers to “suck it”, they are just telling them to go to an inferior human position: become a woman or a gay man. Meanwhile, their alpha male status is confirmed. “Yeah, I’m the man” is the subliminal message behind “chupa”.
Ironically, based on Brazil’s performance at this year’s Olympics, we should be sucking more penises than any other country. But then, we ARE known for our sexual drive, aren’t we?

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